Meta G Roth

Meta with friends at Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for Sanibel Fitness by Meta, INC.

Former owner-operator of Sanibel Fitness Center and the island’s premiere fitness practitioner for over 30 years, Meta is a Master Certified Fitness Practitioner holding the highest post-graduate degree obtainable within the Fitness Field. She is also a certified rehabilitation specialist, bridging the recovery gap between physical therapy and more traditional fitness programs.

Over 30 years, she has motivated thousands as a personal trainer, sports coach, and group class instructor (Pilates, aerobics, spinning, kickboxing, yoga, aqua training, Zumba, and more). She is an international high-endurance cyclist, Ironman Triathlon winner, and marathon runner.

Furthermore, Meta and her select group of trainers offer an elite level of one-on-one personal training (traditional strength on “The Boler Beast” multi-station weight machine, flexibility, and balance) as well as Pilate sessions for the individual and/or group, accommodating all ages and levels of fitness.

Meta with husband, (and GM) Dave.

Meta G Roth has been certified through the Aerobic & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) since 1987. Included among her many Fitness Practitioner related Certifications are:

• Personal Training
• Pilates
• Hi-lo Aerobics
• Step Aerobics
• Youth Fitness
• Senior Fitness,
• Special Populations
• Yoga
• Strength Training
• Indoor Cycling
• Kickboxing
• Zumba Instructor
• Eating Disorders
• Obesity
• Nutrition
• Injury Prevention
• Fitness for Pregnancy
• Bootcamp
• Aqua Training (AFAA}
• Aqua Certification (AEA-Aquatic Exercise Association)
• First Aide/AED-CPR
• “Think Light” Certified Nutritional Facilitator
• Certified Rehabilitation Specialist
• NBC Biggest Loser Trainer, Pending

Meta has also completed two 40 hour courses in human dissection, which has given her a more proficient understanding of how the body works. She is an exclusive member of the National Association of Professional and Executive Women. She’s also attended Business Rich Academy offered by Action Coach, an internationally certified coaching firm for small business. She also serves on the Advisory Board for the Heritage Institute. Meta utilizes the multi-station weight machine, all 4 pieces of Pilates equipment, the awesome TRX Suspension Training System, the Bosu Balance Trainer along with balls, bands, tubes, free weights etc. She believes the keys to longevity with health are variety in your fitness program combined with sound practical nutrition.

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